Brand Rep Terms

All brand reps will be chosen by Harriet For both photography and children’s wear. You will receive 25% for the time period of brand rep and you will also receive a 10% code for friends and family. 

Brand reps will be required to help support and advertise the business passionately. Brand reps will be on a 3 month contract to begin with and afterwards will be on a rolling contract which can be terminated at any time. I hope to keep you always,  so as long as you are bringing something to the sunshine team you will remain a brand Rep. 

If you are new to brand repping then here are some tips of what is expected - 

sharing conpetitions, offers and new items on social media. Spreading the word and recommending in selling groups - remember to use your code so that you can receive free items. Purchasing items and taking beautifully clear photos in great lighting which Can be used on social media and to advertise. 

Children’s Wear - brand reps will be required to make purchases for which they will receive 25% off. You will then need to showcase these on their social media, tagging me. clear, bright images must be sent to me for use on social media and the website. You will receive 20% off photography but will need to travel to a local destination to me. LA3. You will also receive a family and friends code which can be used for either photography or children’s wear for 10% off. You will never be expected to purchase something your little one would never wear so please only apply if this is your child’s style. I can help you to find something which may not be on the website or social media. Your discount will only apply for your child’s sizes. You will receive 10% off other sizes. 

Photography - brand reps will be needed for various photo sessions to trial new set ups and new things. We will start with a free photo session and you’ll receive free images. There is no amount of guaranteed photos and this will be on an as and when basis. You will receive 25% off photography and 20% off Sunshine Moments Childrens Wear and your friends and family code can be used on either photography or Childrens Wear. You’ll be rewarded with extra free photo sessions when people use your code. I will announce this to you as a surprise. 

Discount codes not valid with any other offer or promotion.